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The CBF Secretariat is located in Nassau, The Bahamas. The Secretariat provides operational and administrative support to the CBF, facilitating meetings of the Board, and managing the relationship with all CBF stakeholders.

Contact Information
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  1. Yabanex Batista
  2. Chief Executive Officer
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Yabanex (Yaba) Batista is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund. Throughout his career, he has focused on international financing institutions and sustainable financing for conservation and development, government relations and policy, and Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). He has ample experience working on conservation, climate chang,e and sustainable development in and with Small Islands Developing States (SIDS), Latin America and the Caribbean, and Africa. Prior experience includes working for GITEC/GIZ (German Government Technical Cooperation Agency) in Mexico, The Nature Conservancy International Government Relations Department and Europe Office, the World Bank-GEF Unit, the United States Geological Survey, and IPAM (Amazon Environmental Research Institute) in Brazil. He holds an MA in International Relations and Environmental Policy from Boston University. 


  1. Karen McDonald Gayle
  2. NCTF Specialist
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Karen has over 20 years of experience in the Jamaican and Caribbean environmental field which have given her vast experience in both Public Sector Policy Development as well as civil society dialogue and participation. Her work experience includes the United States Agency of International Development and the United Nations Environment Programme's Regional Seas Programme. She has worked on community environmental management throughout Jamaica including as the Chief Executive Officer of Jamaica’s largest NGO grant-making institution, the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica. She is a trained facilitator in Advanced Participatory Methods and will be working with the National Funds on their individual operational design as well as with the CBF on their operations.

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  1. Joth Singh
  2. Program Manager, Ecosystem based Adaptiation (EbA) Facility
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Joth has worked internationally, regionally within the Caribbean and at the national level in Trinidad & Tobago in a wide range of environment and development areas. These areas include climate change, environmental management, environmental health, coastal zone management, animal welfare and conservation, protected areas management, and water resources management. He has also worked across a range of senior positions and organizations including as Technical Director of the Caribbean
Environmental Health Institute, Executive Director of the Caribbean Conservation Association, Department Director at the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Chief aExecutive Officer at the Environmental Management Authority of Trinidad & Tobago, and Program Development Specialist/Environment Specialist at the United States Agency for International Development. In recent years he has made significant contributions to the climate change efforts in the Caribbean particularly in the area of climate change adaptation. He holds an MSc in Environmental Management from the University of London, a Ph.D in Environmental Chemistry from the University of the West Indies and was an Post-Doctoral Fellow at Dalhousie University/Bedford Institute of Oceanography.

  1. Brittany Isabelle
  2. Executive Assistant
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