The below countries are the CBF Participating Countries. The CBF’s endowment has funds earmarked for each of these countries. Once each country has established a CBF-supported National Protected Area Trust Fund (NPATF) and has completed the CBF Eligibility Approval Procedures, each NPATF will nominate a Director to the CBF Board. At present, each of the Participating Countries is represented on the Board by an observer who participates in Board meetings and serves as a national focal point on CBF matters. 

Participating and Observing Countries

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Observer Countries

In addition to the above Participating Countries, there are also additional countries and territories that are Observers to the CBF Board.  Each Observer Country has an observing representative on the Board that serve as the national focal point on CBF matters. The CBF is currently looking for funding that can be earmarked for the Observer Countries. Once funding is identified, an ­­­ Country would become a Participating Country.

For more information about how to become a CBF Participating Country, please visit GET INVOLVED

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