Dominican Republic: Fondo MARENA

CBF Status: Partnership Agreement with the CBF signed December 2016


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The National Fund for the Environment and Natural Resources (Fondo MARENA) is an organization created to develop and finance projects related to the environment and natural resources for the benefit of natural communities and people.

It is legally registered and has its own administration and jurisdiction throughout the national territory.

The fund was created by Law 64-00 with the purpose of developing and financing programs and projects of protection, conservation, research, education, restoration and use. sustainable environment and natural resources.

VISION: To be an effective and efficient catalyst to channel national and international public and private investment to support a strategic environmental management that contributes to the sustainable development of the country and to the improvement in the quality of life of the population.

MISSION: Promote public and private investment, through different financial mechanisms, to support strategic environmental management that contributes to the country's sustainable development.

OBJECTIVES: Fondo MARENA is an institution created to:

  • Contribute to the environmental management and conservation of biodiversity in the Dominican Republic.
  • Provide support for the strengthening of environmental policy.
  • Encourage the construction of systems and institutional capacities for the capture of financial resources; the administration, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects, and the creation of public-private strategic alliances with national, international and local organizations.

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