Our Partners

The countries below have funds earmarked (sub-accounts) in the CBF Endowment and have established a National Conservation Trust Fund (NCTF) to receive and manage the resources from the CBF Endowment. The NCTFs are gradually becoming ready to meet the CBF Eligibility criteria. When the Eligibility Approval process is finished, the NCTFs become Partner Funds of the CBF, and (i) sign a Partnership Agreement with the CBF for an annual payment from CBF Endowment (based on their country sub-account) and (ii) nominate a Director to the Board of the CBF. At present, three NCTFs have signed CBF Partnership Agreements with the CBF and have nominated Directors to the CBF Board of Director. To promote transparency and in anticipation of their role, the other NCTFs that did not go through the Eligibility Approval process yet, are invited to observe regular CBF Board meetings.  

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