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The EbA Facility will publish all questions received and answers provided about the open Call for Proposals, so that all applicants have access to the same information. Check the Call for Proposals information here.

Applications are accepted until October 31st, 2021. Please consult our website at Climate Change for further details on the application process.




Questions received up to 30 September 2021, inclusive.

Q1: Can a private company present two proposals through two different consortia?

A1: Yes.  Private companies and consortia are eligible to apply for EbA Facility funding.  In the case of private companies, a significant co-financing contribution to the proposed project is required.

There is no upper limit to the number of Concept Notes a lead applicant can present on its own and/or as a consortium.  Like all applications, these will be assessed on a competitive basis. A lead applicant can be awarded a maximum of two projects across all four planned Calls for Proposals of the EbA Facility.

Q2: I wonder if awarded whether the research fund goes the PI in bulk, or is awarded to co-PIs in different countries. I ask this because I am thinking of collaborating with some scientists in Caribbean countries, like Cuba.

A2: As part of their application for funding, prospective lead agencies design and submit a budget that details the intended use of funds. Once awarded a grant, the lead agency prepares a procurement plan, which is another opportunity to define the assignment of funds to partners.

For projects that include activities in Cuba, project proponents must be United Nations agencies or US based organization that have experience in implementing projects and other activities in compliance with US Government regulations concerning Cuba. Applicants must include documentation that demonstrates such experience as well as any additional evidence that provides information on internal systems in place to ensure compliance.

Q3: Our organization does not meet the requirements for accessing EbA funds for our conservation project in Jamaica.  Are there any smaller grants available that we could apply for?

A3: The CBF also provides funding to national conservation trust funds in several Caribbean countries.  You may wish to check the National Conservation Trust Fund of Jamaica for upcoming calls for proposals (  Of course, there are also the traditional donors, such as the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP).

Q4: Are modified proposals accepted from the same consortium of organizations that previously advanced to the second round, but did not get approved at that level?

A4: Yes. The application would be assessed on a competitive basis in two stages, independent of any previous submission and its assessment.

Q5: How often does the EbA facility announce calls? Are they issued on a regular basis?

A5: The EbA Facility is a sinking fund. As such, calls for proposals are not issued on a regular basis.  We expect to issue at least one more call for proposals, in early 2022.

Q6: Are grant instalments made in advance or retrospectively on basis of completed agreed deliverables?

A6: A first instalment of 10% of the CBF grant value is paid following signature of the grant agreement. A 2nd disbursement is triggered by the approval of the 1st year annual work plan. The amount of the 2nd disbursement is calculated based on the projected expenditure during the first six months of implementation. Subsequent disbursements are invoiced by grantees when at least 70% of previously disbursed fund have been expended and/or committed. Again, the amounts are based on projected 6-month expenditure in the applicable, approved annual work plan.

Q7: Is there a preferred start date for projects?

A7: Each project starts with the signature of the grant agreement.  It is usually in the interest of both the CBF and the grantee to swiftly finalize the grant agreement after proposal approval. The anticipated start date for the 3rd Call for Proposals grant agreements is July 31st, 2022.

Q8: Is there a ceiling for international staff salaries?

A8: Organizations from outside the Caribbean applying for funding must show that the target country/community is the main beneficiary. They must incorporate knowledge transfer and capacity building activities for the local partners in their projects. The cost-effectiveness of proposals is an important selection criterion. However, the EbA Facility cannot provide specific price estimating guidance/regulatory limitations.

Q9: Are there any limits (or recommended percentage) for overheads costs?

A9: The EbA Facility cannot provide price estimating guidance/regulatory limitations.  Administrative costs should be kept to a minimum and be efficient and cost effective for activities being proposed.

Q10: My organization is interested in submitting a concept note under the 3rd Call for Proposals. However, we currently have a subaward pending from the EbA Facility’s 2nd Call for Proposals. Are we still eligible to apply under this new opportunity?

A10: Yes, as long as your organization meets the eligibility criteria specified in the Call for Proposal document.

Q11: Should the concept note address only one of the strategic objectives or must it address both?

A11: A concept note can either address one or both strategic objective(s).

Q12: Can we choose multiple outcomes and outputs?

A12: Yes

Q13: Can you further expound on the section "Project Approach"? Is it asking about the product or service the project intend to integrate or implement?

A13: In the section “Project Approach” you should explain if the project will continue, scale-up, replicate any previous activity or if it has synergies with other actions in the area. It also includes connecting the project to higher level decision making and policy, leveraging financial or technical resources, creating capacity, and taking account of gender and youth perspectives.

Q14: Are the policies in the section “National/regional policies and priorities” available on your website for viewing?

A14: No. It is up to applicants to identify and cite policies relevant to their concept notes.

Q15: Can you further expound on the following sections?

  • Organization’s system (or plan) to manage environmental and social (E&S) risks and impacts
  • Main environmental, social, and climate change-related risks and potential adverse impacts of the proposed project
  • Potential mitigation measures for the risks and impacts identified above.

A15: Part C of the Concept Note template aims to establish whether your organization has environmental and social (E&S) safeguard in place and/or a system or plan to manage E&S risks and impacts. Applicants are expected to identify any major E&S risks and impacts that could be caused or exacerbated by the proposed projects.  If applicable, relevant mitigation measures should be suggested.

Q16: Our proposed project has a regional learning and exchange component beyond the countries with core activities. Is it possible to include Puerto Rico as a beneficiary country of the learning and exchange platform that will be supported by the project?

A16: No, Puerto Rico cannot benefit from EbA Facility funds.  Regional or multi-country projects are encouraged for qualifying countries named in this call.

Q17: We are aware that Cuba is already implementing a project under the CBF’s EbA Facility. Will it be possible to include Cuba as a beneficiary country in another proposal?

A17: Yes.  A country can benefit from several EbA Facility projects.  This is particularly true for a large Caribbean country, like Cuba.

Q18: For proposals in Cuba, would UNEP have to have a US implementing partner, or is it possible to implement through existing UN channels in the country (i.e., UNDP’s National Office)?

A18: UNEP, as a UN agency, is an eligible lead proponent for projects in Cuba.  The desired implementation details should be outlined in the corresponding concept note section.  Institutional arrangements would further be described at the full proposal stage.

Q19: Are in-kind and in-cash contributions mandatory? Is there an indicative amount or %?

A19: Co-finance is not a general requirement, but will contribute to the overall score.

Q20: Our organization has different budget categories. Will it be possible for the CBF to accept our existing budgetary items/lines? Are there any specific requirements/budget items that need to be presented explicitly?

A20. At the concept note stage, a programmatic budget supporting one or both strategic objectives of the EbA Facility should be outlined.  Applicants proceeding to the full proposal stage will be provided with a budget template with main budget categories for their elaboration.

Q21: Based on your experience from the first and second call for proposals, what is the estimated time to begin implementation after this full proposal approval?

A21: We aim to offer a grant agreement to successful applicants within a month of proposal approval. The project starts with the signature of the grant agreement.   The anticipated start date for the 3rd Call for Proposals grant agreements is July 31st, 2022.

Q22: Can an organisation submit more than one proposal?  Can the organisation be a lead in one proposal and support in another?

A22: Yes, to both questions. There is no upper limit to the number of Concept Notes a lead applicant can present.  Like all applications, these will be assessed on a competitive basis. A lead applicant can be awarded a maximum of two projects across all four planned Calls for Proposals of the EbA Facility.  There is no upper limit to the number of projects an organization can support as partner.

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