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CBF and NCTFs support Bahamas through the Bahamas Protected Areas Fund

CBF and NCTFs support Bahamas through the Bahamas Protected Areas Fund pic 1In late August, Hurricane Dorian moved over The Bahamas for several days with devastating consequences.  The storm affected the northern part of The Bahamas, with its worst effects felt in places like the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama. 

It was the most powerful hurricane on record to strike the Bahamas and is regarded as the worst natural disaster in the country's history. The loss of human life, and damages to livelihoods, infrastructure and ecosystems was unprecedented. As a key partner country, it is in the spirit of solidarity and collaboration with the people of The Bahamas and its rich ecosystems, that the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) approved the approval of an Emergency Environment Recovery Grant for The Bahamas. 

The Grant, in the amount of USD150,000, will be administered by the Bahamas Protected Areas Fund (BPAF).  The type of activities to be financed will include the following:

  • Assessments to determine the impacts of Hurricane Dorian on ecosystems health;
  • Restoration of impacted protected areas, and other initiatives related to ecosystem recovery, including protected areas infrastructure which can help reactivate the tourism economy and support livelihoods; and
  • Provision of water purification systems and renewable energy initiatives for communities in Abaco and Grand Bahama.

The CBF is also pleased to note the support of other National Conservation Trust Funds within the CBF family, namely the Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Conservation Fund.  The SLUNCF approved a small grant to assist the BPAF with its community-based disaster efforts and the SVGCF will be holding a fundraiser with the Hotel and Tourism Association for their sister fund, BPAF.

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