Caribbean Biodiversity Luyện thi ielts hà nội Fund (CBF) is trung tam tieng anh giao tiep the realization of a bold vision to create reliable, long-term funding for conservation and thiết kế web sustainable development máy giặt cũ in the Caribbean region. The CBF and a group of National Conservation Trust Funds (NCTFs) thu mua phế liệu together form the Caribbean Sustainable Finance Architecture luyện thi ielts Hà Nội and quần áo thể thao and vải lụa

Conservation Finance Program


The Conservation Finance Program focuses on the protection and management of biodiversity and natural resources and is mainly supported through the Endowment Fund. The proceeds of this Fund are channeled through the partner national conservation trust funds (NCTFs), who in turn lead the grant-making programs at the national level. CBF and NCTFs work together in the design and implementation of additional financial mechanisms that provide the required 1-to-1 match to the CBF resources.

The Program also includes an organizational development component aimed at strengthening the network of conservation trust funds that are part of the regional Financial Architecture.

Partner donors to date include the Government of Germany through the German Development Bank (KfW), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) — through the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


Observer Countries


In addition to the above Participating Countries, there are also countries and territories that are Observers to the CBF Board.  Each Observer Country has an observing representative on the Board that serve as the national focal point on CBF matters. The CBF is currently looking for funding that can be earmarked for the Observer Countries, at which point they can have a National Fund to become a CBF Partner.


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