CBF Caribbean Environmental Film & Arts Festival

June 6 - 8, 2024
Kingston, Jamaica

Introducing the CBF Caribbean Environmental Film & Arts Festival

Calling all Caribbean artists! Are you passionate about environmental conservation? Do you express your creativity through film, music, poetry, visual arts, or performing arts? Your voice matters! Submit your work to be featured in our upcoming 3-day festival celebrating art and environmental activism.

Film & Art Categories

This festival harnesses the evocative power of the arts to raise awareness around environmental issues relevant to the Caribbean region. 

Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) actions help to build resilience and reduce vulnerability of people and economies to climate change. EbA, as a part of a broader climate change adaptation strategy, has proven to provide resilient and cost-effective means of alleviating climate change impacts by integrating the sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services with human well-being and sustainable livelihoods.

Biodiversity conservation refers to the protection, upliftment, and management of biodiversity in order to derive sustainable benefits for present and future generations.

Conservation Finance focuses on the provision of funding towards the protection and management of biodiversity and natural resources.

Nature-based economies put nature and people at the centre of economic advancement and ensures that conservation is a source of capital for development. 

Circular economy principles emphasize product and material life cycle extension through reuse, repair, recycling, and reducing waste generation.

The Selection Process

Only environmental films about the Caribbean are eligible. Click Eligibility for more info.


The Selection Committee will review and select the top submissions.


Filmmakers and artists will be notified about the status of their selection.

Submit Your Art

Please complete the form to submit your art for the 2024 CBF Caribbean Environmental Film & Arts Festival. Deadline for submissions is May 8, 2024.