Our Priorities

We conserve the region’s natural resources through sustainable financing to protect and restore the health of our natural habitats.

Climate Change

The Climate Change Program allows the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund to distribute grants directly to local, national and regional projects using competitive calls for proposals through its Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) Facility.

Conservation Finance

The Conservation Finance Program focuses on the provision of funding towards the protection and management of biodiversity and natural resources and is mainly supported through the Endowment Fund.

Nature-Based Economies

The Nature-Based Economies Program contributes to the reduction of marine litter in the insular Caribbean.

Our Goals

To ensure continuous funding for conservation and sustainable development.
To accommodate the receipt, investment, distribution, and monitoring of conservation funding throughout the region.
To undertake and design a range of financial instruments for resource mobilization.

Our Achievements

projects awarded
EbA Facility
grant funding awarded
$ 0 M
EbA Facility
National Conservation Trust Funds
Conservation Finance Program
emergency support
+$ 0 M
Conservation Finance Program