Trinidad & Tobago


Home to an impressive number of tropical ecosystems and over 3,000 species, Trinidad and Tobago is a natural gem teeming with biodiversity. The coastal ecosystems—coral reefs, mangroves, wetlands, and seagrass beds—play an important role in protecting the islands’ shorelines. In fact, almost the entire length of Tobago’s coastline is dependent on coastal ecosystems for some type of protection. 

The Caribbean Biodiversity Fund provides financing for projects that protects the biodiversity of this unique twin island.

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Local Partners and Beneficiaries

With funding from the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund, implementing organizations execute projects on the ground to create meaningful positive impact within the region.
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Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture

Our Work in the Country

From corals to mangroves, the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund provides financing for projects that sustain the diverse marine biodiversity of Trinidad and Tobago.

Strengthening Coastal and Marine Climate Resilience through Upland and Coastal Ecosystem Based Adaptation and Community Engagement

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