Sustainable Financing For a More Resilient Caribbean Biodiversity

Empowering Communities Through Conservation in The Caribbean

The Caribbean region boasts a rich economic potential on its oceans and waterways, from fisheries to tourism, and marine energy to biotechnology. However, limited financing, private sector engagement and knowledge gaps have stalled wide-scale investment in marine and coastal ecosystems. This limits the region's ability to capitalize opportunities and achieve sustainable development goals. The Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) is a regional umbrella environmental fund that champions the cause of conservation and sustainable development across the Caribbean, securing reliable, long-term funding. We aim to sustainably conserve the region's natural resources, protecting and restoring the health of our habitats whilst enhancing the livelihoods of communities dependent on biodiversity.

Our Goals

To ensure continuous partnerships and funding for conservation and sustainable development activities in the Caribbean.
To accommodate the receipt, investment, distribution, and monitoring of conservation funding throughout the region.
To lead and design a range of financial instruments for Caribbean Small Island Developing States via a regional Sustainable Finance Architecture.

CBF's Side Events at SIDS4 Conference