Our Accountability

We carry out our work with a deep commitment to accountability and transparency.

Our Accountability

As a leading regional umbrella environmental fund, we are accountable to our donors, stakeholders and people as we work to sustain our natural capital. The mobilization of resources and disbursements of funds over the past decade has facilitated innovative solutions and consolidated regional conservation impacts.

Institutional Principles

The Caribbean Biodiversity Fund is committed to work with other like-minded organizations to develop sustainable financing solutions for the Caribbean region.

For decades, the CBF has recognized that the private sector plays an important role in advancing our conservation mission. Businesses around the globe can, and do, have significant impacts on our climate and on the lands and waters that people and nature rely on for survival.

For this reason, we are pursuing strategies to help companies ease their environmental footprints, properly valuing nature and the services it provides, and investing in protecting and restoring the natural systems that sustain us all.

In managing its long-term investment assets, the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund utilizes a number of professional external investment managers to create and manage its investment portfolio, targeting a prudent balance between risk and return.

Values, Ethics & Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct protects staff and everyone with whom we work from abuse of any kind by individuals or groups within the CBF and the Caribbean Sustainable Finance Architecture.

This Code applies to all staff and beneficiaries of CBF in all their interactions and joint projects, even temporary personnel such as consultants and volunteers.

Together, we work to uphold the highest standards of accountability, efficiency, competence, integrity and transparency.

Our Insights

Annual Reports and Financials

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