Call For Proposal

Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) Facility’s Third Call for Proposals


The Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF), through its Ecosystem-based Adaptation Facility (EbA Facility), is requesting project concept notes with a focus on EbA actions that help people adapt to adverse effects of climate change, reduce disaster risk, and build resilient ecosystems and economies.

Around ten to fifteen million USD could be allocated under this Third Call for Proposals, depending on the number and quality of proposals. The EbA Facility will distribute grants from USD250,000 up to USD2 million, directly to local, national, regional and international institutions, including civil society organizations, government agencies, universities & research organizations, community-based organizations, and United Nations agencies in eligible countries and territories.

Call for Proposal Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do projects need to address marine or coastal water resources directly through EbA measures or may activities take a broader landscape approach, such as the “ridge to reef” approach?

    This Call for Proposals focuses on improving the management and/or restoration of EbA-supporting marine and coastal zone habitats. Where a ridge to reef approach is being proposed we would expect that the share of EbA supporting coastal/marine habitats will be in the majority of measures of the overall proposal.

  • Our organization has been in existence for two years and has not been audited. The audit is scheduled for next year and we will be able to send the results once it is done. Can we apply with a concept note and deliver the audit reports once they are completed?

    Your organization will only be able to act as lead applicant if it can provide two years of audited statements, which are a compulsory part of the concept note submission package.

  • Are small island developing states or nations eligible for large grants?

    Caribbean SIDS are eligible for large grants. The lead applicant should have a proven track record of managing grants of that size.

  • Can the proposal include multiple intervention categories such as hybrid restoration solutions (green-gray) and community engagement categories? These often need to be integrated to be most effective.

    Yes, in fact an integrated approach is typical for EbA projects.

  • As an Annex, would it be adequate to send a document where we can expand and elaborate on the consortium, the project background and approach, and our proposed team of experts?

    The submission of an Annex is optional and should be kept as succinct as possible.  If the concept note is shortlisted, we will invite a full proposal.  At the full proposal stage, applicants have the opportunity to expand and elaborate on their consortia (if applicable), the project background and approach, and proposed team of experts.