Call For Porposal

Ecosystem-based Adaptation (Eba) Facility’s Fourth Call for Proposals


The Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF), through its Ecosystem-based Adaptation Facility (EbA Facility), is seeking applications for projects that utilize Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) approaches to assist in climate change adaptation efforts within the marine and coastal zones of the insular Caribbean. The EbA Facility is requesting project proposals with a focus on EbA actions that help people adapt to adverse effects of climate change, reduce disaster risk, and build resilient ecosystems and economies.

Call for Proposal Closed

How to Apply

A two-step application process will be followed:

Applicant organizations must complete the Concept Note Template (English, French, Spanish). It is recommended that the Concept Note Template is followed and completed fully. The Concept Note Template has instructions on what is expected from the projects and includes important references, such as the EbA Facility Logical Framework and CBF Environmental and Social Policy and Exclusion List. Concept Notes will be accepted in English, Spanish and French.

Applicants may submit questions to the EbA Facility up to Friday, December 16, 2022 for this Call for Proposals. Questions must be submitted only to the following emails:;

Applicants must ensure that the Concept Note does not exceed seven (7) pages. No word limit is specified but Times New Roman font size 12 must be used throughout the submission and document margins must be maintained.

Applications can be submitted until Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 23:59 UTC-5.

Concept Notes received after this time will be rejected. Applicants will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their Concept Note at the time of submission.

Check all the details in the Call for Proposals documents available here:

Required Documents
Other Documents

Full proposals after the concept selection phase will only be accepted in English. Funding to cover the cost of translation to English can be made available to applicants selected to submit full proposals as part of a project preparation grant explained in the Call for Proposals Document.


* Dates are approximate and subject to revision
November 17, 2022
Posting of 4th Call for Proposals
November 30, 2022
EbA Facility 4th Call for Proposals Webinar—EbA Concept Note Preparation
December 16, 2022
Deadline for Questions on EbA 4th Call for Proposals
January 24, 2023
Deadline for submission of Concept Notes
April 17, 2023
Decision on selection of Concept Notes and invitation to selected applicants to submit Full Proposals
June 26, 2023
Deadline for submission of Full Proposals
August 25, 2023
Decision on selection of Full Proposals to be awarded

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we submit a concept note without the financial audit or will we be disqualified for not meeting that requirement, even though we have a promise of audit?

    You will need to provide audited financial statements at the concept note stage as described in the Call for Proposals to be qualified for consideration. As identified in the concept note template, Government Ministries are exempt from this requirement where separate audited financial statements are not produced.

  • Can we delete the whole tabular format of the concept note template provided. I have seen a previous submission that made it through the first round, and it was without the tabular format?

    The preference is that you use the tabular format represented in the concept note template.

  • Can we submit potential project sites and then select the specific site during project implementation?

    It is expected that your site(s) is very specific in the concept note stage and does not change later in the process.

  • Would the EbA Facility accept a proposal for a regional project that would serve the coasts of the Central American Caribbean?

    The EBA Facility currently only finances projects in the insular Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Thus, the Central American Caribbean is not eligible for an EbA Facility Grant.

  • If we cover a number of geographies within the country and address several EbAs at the seascape scale, would it be possible to apply for a larger grant?

    Grants would generally range from US $250,000 to US $2 million, with some exceptions for larger grants involving multi-country/regional projects. National projects have a USD 2 million ceiling.

The application was sent!

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