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Dominica National Conservation Trust Fund


Dominica—the ‘Nature Island’—boasts of the most extensive natural forests in the Eastern Caribbean and is home to the most diverse assemblage of wildlife among the smaller Caribbean islands. The main threats to the country’s biodiversity include deforestation, overexploitation of wildlife, encroachment, land degradation, unregulated development, introduction of foreign species, loss of agrobiodiversity, impacts from climate change, uncontrolled use of biotechnologies, pollution, increasing natural disasters (notably hurricanes and seismic activity), land mining, gradual loss of traditional knowledge, introduction of alien species and inappropriate legal and institutional frameworks.


The mission of the Dominica National Conservation Trust Fund (DNCTF) is to provide a sustainable source of funding for projects that support the effective management, conservation and restoration of Dominica’s biodiversity and natural resources.

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DNCTF established
CBF partnership agreement
Total cbf funding to DNCTF to date
$ 20000
sq. km terrestrial protected area
sq. km marine protected area

Strategic Areas

Natural Resources and Commodities
To mainstream biodiversity conservation and sustainable use into production landscapes and seascapes and product sectors
Protected Areas and Sustainability 
To improve the sustainability of Marine and terrestrial protected areas systems
Deepening Collective Knowledge 
To increase education and awareness programmes in sustainable use of biodiversity conservation

Donors & Funders

Caribbean Biodiversity Fund