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Home to about 5,600 plant species and 300 bird species, the Dominican Republic’s vibrant biodiversity attracts visitors from around the world. In the Dominican Republic, nature supports the lives and livelihoods of the entire population, from coffee farms high in the mountains to fishing communities along the coasts.

The Fondo MARENA is an organization created to develop and finance projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the country’s natural resources. As at December 2022, the Fondo MARENA has has financed 12 projects in areas related to community governance in the management of resources; design and construction of Marine Mammal Sanctuary Estero
Hondo; and Environmental education and awareness.

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Fondo MARENA established
CBF partnership agreement
Total cbf funding to Fondo MARENA to date
$ 1344149
sq. km terrestrial protected area
sq. km marine protected area

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