3rd Successful CCI-CBF Week held in Miami


The Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI) and the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) held their 3rd Annual CCI-CBF Week in Miami from the 18th to 22nd June 2018, with the more than 70 participants attending a series of meetings over the course of the week.

The 2018 meetings featured several important engagements for both organizations that were headlined by the 6th CBF Annual Meeting and the CCI-CBF Finance Solutions Day. The week also hosted meetings of 2 committees of the CBF – the CBF Finance Committee and CBF EbA Committee, another much anticipated edition of the National Conservation Trust Funds (NCTF) Exchange Workshop, as well as the first CCI-CBF Knowledge Café session with invited partners.

All 8 of the countries with CBF Endowment sub-accounts had representatives from their NCTFs, as well as representatives of 10 Caribbean governments. Adding to the success of the meetings was the continued strong support from the Donor, NGO and Civil Society communities across the region and internationally.

Private Sector Members also demonstrated their commitment to CCI and CBF with their attendance at the meetings CCI-CBF Week, with deep interest and with their commitment to the future of both organizations. It was heartening to see new interested organizations and individuals attending, participating and getting into the networking sessions that regularly occurred at the breaks, in the evenings and in the side meeting rooms.

The commitments to protect and preserve the region’s environment and biodiversity generated during the week of meetings and immediately following are testimony to the effectiveness and value of these annual meetings. The CCI and CBF Secretariats would like to thank all those who attended, contributed and participated in making this 3rd Annual CCI-CBF Week a success.

Asha-Gaye Cowell
Program Officer, Conservation Finance
Asha-Gaye Cowell is the Conservation Finance Program Officer. She has a diversified academic background, which includes a BSc. Economics and Statistics with first class honors, MSc. International Public and Development Management and a Visiting Fellowship Certification from the University of Oxford where she studied Behavioral Economics along with Strategy and Ethics. Complementing her academic prowess is a cross-section of professional experiences, including work with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), UNECLAC, USAID, the Permanent Missions of Jamaica to the UN, among others. With extensive civic involvement, volunteerism, and strategic partnerships, Asha is very passionate about leadership, international and regional development, economics, youth and climate change.

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