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Albert Paul


Albert Paul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Accounts. He is a cooperative banking and management professional with over 25 years of experience in the efficient delivery of innovative member services, financial accounts Administration, transaction auditing, loan underwriting, and credit counselling. Particularly skilled in team co-ordination and empowerment with emphasis on project implementation and the delivery of favorable outcomes. Paul has training and certification in Credit and Loan Underwriting, Fraud Intervention and Prevention, HR Management and Supervision, Industrial Relations, Information Technology / Computing, Marketing and Promotion, Tactical and Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Time and Resource Management. Mr. Paul is also, the Treasurer of the Elmshall Community Development Association and Vice President of the Roseau-South Constituency Association. Currently, he is employed with the National Cooperative Credit Union and manages the Loans Department. Albert is currently a board of director of the DNCTF.
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