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David Jenkins

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Assistant

David Jenkins is an IT professional with a Bachelor of Science in Computing, boasts a rich tapestry of experience garnered from notable tenures at UNESCO and The Enterprise by IR. His journey is punctuated by a commitment to continuous learning and professional development, exemplified by his attainment of certificates in Network Defense Essentials and Fortinet Network Security Expert. During his tenure at UNESCO, David leveraged his comprehensive knowledge to drive innovation and streamline processes. His strategic insights and technical acumen played a pivotal role in supporting UNESCO’s mission to promote peace, eradicate poverty, and foster sustainable development through education, science, and culture. Transitioning to The Enterprise by IR, David further fortified his expertise, specializing in system administration, cybersecurity, infrastructure management, and system optimization. His contributions were instrumental in enhancing operational effectiveness and reducing risks for the organization’;s diverse clientele. Throughout his career, David’s unwavering commitment to excellence and proactive approach to staying abreast of emerging technologies have positioned him as a trusted leader in the IT domain. His ability to navigate complex IT landscapes, anticipate emerging trends, and lead creative projects underscores his readiness to guide IT teams towards triumph in any organizational setting.  
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