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Meet the new Fondo MARENA team

Recently the CBF Partner Fund in the Dominican Republic, Fondo MARENA made some changes to its team, so we thought we would remind you about the MARENA’s work and meet the new team with some photos. MARENA stands for Fundo “Nacional para el Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales” which translates to National Fund for the Environment and Natural Resources.

The MARENA team, headed by engineer Judith Valdez as Executive Director, is committed to fulfilling its functions in compliance with law 64-00 under which it was created. MARENA continues to work hard to strengthen the institution as well as to comply with the guidelines of the Government and President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, implementing a comprehensive state policy for the conservation and protection of the environment.

MARENA was created to develop and finance programmes and projects for the protection, conservation, research, education, restoration and sustainable use of the environment and natural resources for the benefit of natural communities and people. It is a legal, independent endowment fund with its own administration and jurisdiction throughout the Domincan Republic. It is regulated by Decree 783-09 of the Executive Branch of 21 October 2009.

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