Funded Project

Biodiversity Conservation and Resilient Livelihoods in Coastal Areas Threatened by Climate Change, Intensive Tourism, Traditional Fishing and Infrastructure Development in National Parks and Protected Areas of Montecristi, Dominican Republic (NPPA-M) and Three Bays National Park, Republic of Haiti (3BNP-H)

The Montecristi Protected Areas (Dominican Republic) and Three Bays National Park (Haiti) form a continuous coastal/marine area that is severely impacted by climate change, burgeoning tourism industry with concomitant physical development, and unsustainable fishing practices, both within protected areas and in surrounding landscapes. This bi-national project aims to protect biodiversity and associated livelihoods from these threats. Investments aim to create an enabling environment for ecosystem conservation/restoration, complemented with awareness-raising, capacity building, and knowledge management for communities and institutions. A Measure, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system for EbA measures will ensure the project’s sustainability and climate resilience on both sides of the border. EbA pilots focus on the restoration of mangroves and associated wetlands, with the aim to limit wave erosion and coastal flooding and to demonstrate the EbA potential for replication in other places with similar climate risks, as a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to gray coastal protection infrastructure.
Total: $2,000,000
CBF Funding: $2,000,000
Source of CBF Funds
Beneficiary Countries
Dominican Republic and Haiti
EbA Facility Grantee
Dominican Institute for Integrated Development