Funded Project

Building Community Resilience and Ecosystem Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Selected Communities along the West Coast in Grenada

The project will expand the coral nursery program within the Gouyave Marine Protected Area through a community-based approach which will see volunteers trained to restore degraded reefs within the MPA through design, building and deploying artificial reef structures on which coral can be propagated by out planting of coral nursery stock. An additional focus is restoration activity in the riparian zone among rivers of three target watersheds that flow into the Gouyave MPA by first conducting assessments of the status of these zones and pollution threats. Capacity for long term protection of the Gouyave MPA will be increased with an update of the habitat assessment and management plan for the area. This will be complemented by the development of an office space for enhanced management of the MPA and facilitating participation of communities such as engagement of fishermen in training on environmental best practices and seamanship.
Total: $1,021,274
CBF Funding: $791,274
Co-financing: $230,000
Source of CBF Funds
Beneficiary Countries
EbA Facility Grantee
Grenada Community Development Agency