Funded Project

Dramatically Scaling up Multi-species Coral Restoration in Targeted Sites in the Dominican Republic as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (CoralRestore DR)

CoralRestore DR aims to build climate resilience of the Punta Cana community and ultimately other communities across the DR and the Caribbean through scaling up a proven model of coral restoration off the coast of Puntacana. Coastal zones in the DR are highly vulnerable to climate change, including more intense and frequent hurricanes, sea level rise, sea surface temperature rise, and ocean acidification. Coral reef ecosystems around Puntacana have been in decline, requiring major restoration efforts in order to provide the needed coastal adaptation and resilience benefits. Explants will be produced in land-based coral nurseries, creating employment for community residents in both, land- and sea-based activities. The creation of livelihood opportunities targets fisherfolks in particular. The project will further fine tune the coral restoration techniques for wider replication across the Dominican Republic. While capacity-building will primarily focus on nearby communities, outreach will be nation-wide through a network of partners.
Total: $1,258,224
CBF Funding: $799,919
Co-financing: $458,305
Source of CBF Funds
Beneficiary Countries
Dominican Republic
EbA Facility Grantee
Fundacion Grupo Puntacana