Funded Project

Enhancement of resource management capacity within the Tobago Cays Marine Park (TCMP)

The goal of this project is to enhance the institutional capacity of the Tobago Cays Marine Park to effectively fulfill its mandate ¨To protect and conserve the resources of the Tobago Cays¨. The TCMP was established in 1997 and is a 6,450 ha multi use land and sea marine park which includes the inhabited islands of Mayreau as well as five uninhabited Cays (i.e. Petite Tabac, Petite Bateau, Petite Rameau, Baradal and Jamesby); all four of which are within a lagoon protected by a horseshoe shaped barrier reef system. In order it´s mandate, the TCMP adapted a holistic approach to resource management by ensuring that all strategies and equipment implemented or employed are environmentally friendly and climate smart. Consequently, this project implemented a number of activities aimed at increasing the efficiency and self-reliance of the TCMP. The objectives of this project are: 1. To protect the emissions and increase fuel efficiency of the primary patrol vessel by at least 20% of the project 2. Increase institutional capacity by training at least 4 rangers in in-water activities (e.g. monitoring marine resources and maintaining moorings) by the end of the project 3. To establish a comprehensive biophysical monitoring program that would provide the scientific underpinning for the adaptive management process of the TCMP by the end of the project.
Total: $29,191
CBF Funding: $29,191
Source of CBF Funds
National Conservation Trust Fund (NCTF)
St.Vincent and the Grenadines Conservation Fund