Funded Project

Revitalization of the Morne Gazo Nature Reserve Project

Project focuses on the refurbishment of nature-friendly rails and trials, a lookout summit platform and the formation of an information center along with training of persons (both males and females) from the community of Morne Gazo, St. David as Tour Guides who will be equipped to share valuable information and insights into the history of the surroundings. L.V.P Trading Inc. intends to introduce a financial mechanism for the collection of an entrance fee from both locals and tourists. A visitor’s centre will be erected to accommodate fee collections. Furthermore, the restaurant and bar will contribute to the financial viability of the project together with the sales of varied flowers and plants for beautification.
Total: $35,000
CBF Funding: $35,000
Source of CBF Funds
National Conservation Trust Fund (NCTF)
Grenada Sustainable Development Trust Fund